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Alpine Decline & Laitdbac Records present "消失/DISAPPEARANCE"
European release - CATALOG #LAIT-CD-002


Washed in flickering 8mm film light, Alpine Decline appeared in 2010 in East LA spinning up their machines and spinning out a web made of quarter inch tape.
In less than a year they recorded three full length albums and then promptly vanished, spirited to China. The first two albums carried you with the duo up glacial Sierra spires and on trains ripping across the Tibetan plateau, through grinding dusty cities and into disorienting night markets.

The third album, aptly named “消失/Disappearance” is a relentless pursuit of the zero - ghosts of ghosts, guitars photocopied and torn up in the thin air, drums pulsing in deep ocean currents and voices rippled by the waves of a leaking gas valve. Through layers of haunted noise and the fading shadows of beautiful melodies, the songs pull you in like short stories, fictions, myths from some lost nowhere time. Now, out on the Fifth Ring Road, in the outskirts of Beijing,
in the wild wild East, Alpine Decline continue to plunge into the depths.

This Fall, European label Laitdbac brushes away the debris and brings “消失/Disappearance” pumping through your speakers and into the blinking sunlight.

Tracklisting :
The Anesthesiologist
An Accident
Psychic Dissonance
Figth Ring Road
Almost Immune
The Other Side
Now You Believe In Vanishing
The Depths
In Such A Place
Frontier Religion

alpine decline is j.z. / p.z.
production: m geddes gengras (green machines)
master: ron mcmster (capitol)
visuals: the great nordic swordfights
all tracks published by alter-k
cd manufactured, distributed and markerted by modulor

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